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Foundational to our practice is the belief that the quality of attention determines the quality of life. Mindfulness is at the heart of transformation. It is also recognized in modern science and education as an effective tool for potentiating individual and communal wellness. 

There is ample scientific evidence that interoceptive practices like movement and meditation reduce stress, improve sleep, strengthen the prefrontal cortex of the brain, boost immunity and improve the health of the microbiome. So why, with the influx of these studies available, do we remain unnerved and disconnected?

In the west, we share a cultural narrative that if we aren't doing, we aren't worthy. In our offerings we emphasize what we consider to be a fundamental truth, that being present is more important than being productive. 

To address the chronic anxiety and stress we witness in people today, we are committed to offering exceptional, useful, and diverse tools in somatic and meditative studies that meet at the convergence of philosophy, science, tradition, and personal experience. Informed and inspired by Zen Buddhism, Daoyin Arts, Ayurveda, and Hatha Yoga, we are deeply devoted to the journey in.

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Dawning Awareness is our repurposed 200HR Yoga and Social Ecology Teacher Training program. It has been created for those who are interested in advancing their personal practice, teaching, or working in various healing modalities in their communities.

Yoga is the Vedic science of self-realization and Social Ecology is the study of relationships between species and their environments. 


In this foundational training, we aim to spark curiosity in our students, kindling the light of self-awareness, in order to encourage you to lead and love authentically.

The curriculum includes and is not limited to the study of Hatha Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Anatomy, Kinesiology, Vedic Philosophy, and Ecology.

The next course will run in the Autumn of 2021 in Minturn, Colorado and yes, there is an online option for those interested. 

October 1 - November 15, 2021

Details are shared with interested applicants only. 

Please email us at

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We are reshaping our yoga teacher training methodology due to the changing landscape of yoga culture in the West, mentoring select and exceptional candidates through what we call our 300HR Dharma Mentorship. This is a three month - one year long individualized certification program focused on deeply supporting sensitive and courageous leaders in the field of yogic studies and teaching. 

Our 2020-2021 Mentorship program is currently full, however we are accepting inquiries for 2021-2022. Please reach out to Morgan at to begin a conversation. 

The curriculum takes on various shapes depending on the needs of the students involved and includes a series of intensives formulated around; Raja yoga, Bhakti yoga, Tantra, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Daoyin Arts, Zen Buddhism, and Emotional Alchemy. The curriculum is shared in interviews with interested applicants only. 

"Aarunya’s training went above and beyond simply learning asanas. I’ve emerged from my 200 HR YTT with a rich and solid foundation—a deep understanding of yoga’s physical, intellectual, and spiritual legacies over its long journey through history and evolving cultures. This foundation will undoubtedly guide and texture my teaching, giving it a depth and authenticity that will better allow me to serve and connect with students. This training is as good as it gets."



"Aarunya Yoga School gives you far beyond just a certification. YES, you will come out of this training with extensive anatomy and physiology knowledge and expansive intellectual wisdom. However, you will also graduate with a robust understanding of the spiritual path of a yogi. You will learn to step into the grace and authenticity that is at your core. It is a true journey of the heart deliciously paired with the confidence and ability to guide any style of yoga you align with."



"It is one of those life-changing experiences, and you won't even feel like the same person after the training. The most important thing I learned was to accept myself and love me. You will cry (a lot), you will laugh, you will be uncomfortable and you will be scared, but in the end you will never regret this experience. Thank you Morgan for sharing your knowledge and opening the doors, it was such great experience."



"While there are numerous characteristics that define a dedicated student of yoga perhaps two of the most essential Morgan embodies both naturally and with grace.  These include her sincerity as a seeker to constantly learn, evolve and grow her understanding of the intangible/spiritual dimension of life and her willingness to bring her own uniqueness, perspective and interpretation to this understanding making it creatively her own. It’s through Morgan’s capacity to grasp the deeper teachings intellectually that enables her to assimilate and translate them, as a response to herself as a unique individual and through the lens of her personal experience, in a delivery that is both grounded and authentic. "


Jeremy Wolf | Senior Yoga Teacher