Foundational to our teaching philosophy is the belief that the quality of attention determines the quality of life. Mindfulness is at the heart of transforming suffering into wisdom. It is also recognized in modern science and education as an effective tool for potentiating individual and communal wellness. 

There is ample scientific evidence that consciousness studies like meditation and yoga reduce stress, improve sleep, strengthen the prefrontal cortex of the brain, boost immunity and improve the health of the microbiome. So why, with the influx of mindful studies available, do we remain unnerved and disconnected?

Our understanding from thorough teaching experience is that we are a culture addicted to productivity. And not just productivity, hyper-productivity. In the west we share a cultural story that if we aren't doing, we aren't worthy. In our consciousness offerings we emphasize what we consider to be a fundamental truth, that being present is more important than being productive. 

To address the chronic anxiety and stress we witness in people today, we are committed to offering exceptional, useful, and diverse tools in meditation, breath work, self-reflection, and community building that will support you and your loved ones in living a life of connection and meaning.

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