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Water Element

A Teaching for Autumn

In Shamanism, Autumn is associated with the direction of West and the element of Water. 

The direction of West is especially powerful for Americans because of the association we place on moving West towards freedom. 

The spirit of water is deep. She governs our emotions. She summons us to face our fears. She oversees our hormones, desires, and vitality. When any of these feels significantly out of balance, it is a cue from the body to take action.

Action though, ought not to be forceful. True change comes from the practice of re-connecting in an honest way with your whole self, not simply one part. You can't jog/bike/climb your way out of aging or the reality that you are of the nature to change.

Practice precision over perfection. Adjustment over fixation.

In the fall, we are being called to re-author our lives.

To take time to re-direct our life force.

To do a little clean up by excavating the psyche.

And when you come up against an obstacle. Be like water. Find the creative solution. Un-snag your sweater and sidestep the thorn bush. Don't fuss. Remain hopeful.

Our fears are governed by external forces. Some of them are strong unconscious stories transmitted through ancestry and childhood. Often our fears are born of guilt and shame, emotional tools others use to control us.

When we are connected to our higher self, we see our shadow and rather than being frightened, we invite her to take a walk. We may ask her, whether or not remaining small and quiet is in support of our spiritual growth. If we want to step out of fear we have to spend time in the trenches of our psyche and forgive. Once we have forgiven ourselves and others, our culture and conditioning, we are less inclined to flee and more inclined to be creative. 

Your mantra is... me tenderly through the darkness.



From my heart to yours...

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