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Some words on tenderness

​To be sensitive is to be aware of the shimmers and the shadows. 

To the subtleties and nuances of nature and the other.  

We tune our sensitivity in the container of stillness,

witnessing the circle of possibility that presents itself,

by virtue of life's demands.

Through the practice of watching patiently, 

we are able to hold space for the entirety of our experience.

Transforming pain into understanding and wisdom.

Creativity is Dharma's force peeling its way into existence.

If something essential is moving through us, it is for exposing responsibly.

Sensitivity is not shy. She is soft. There's a difference.

In order to grow, we must cease numbing what is our best source of insight.

Your maturation is in your tenderness. 

Widen your stance. Let the Aquarian winds bump you up against someone worth leaning into. Walk away from those who sit in arrogance, glancing downward on your potential. Love will bolster you up towards what is luminous and light, no matter how broken the landscape. 

With Love,


From my heart to yours...

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