• Morgan Kulas

Light of Consciousness


Turning on the light of consciousness is akin to striking a match in a cave.

The fire amplifies the shadows and creates an inner echo of warmth.

Purusha is a Sanskrit word that means "inner light of awareness" - likened to spirit, essence, or true nature.

Spiritual awakening is the result of a shift in consciousness, where Purusha ignites and the ego becomes pliable. It is not something that befalls only those who pray, practice, or refrain. In fact much of the time, spiritual awakening is the result of great loss. Often occuring when we are challenged to embrace the reality that all life is impermanent and of the nature to change.  

Fundamental to yogic practice is the belief that you are whole and complete. You have every necessary resource within you. It's just that as we age, we layer up. We pile on the costumes of identity, story, and character until we no longer remember our nudity. The shape and sensation of being present.

Here's your mantra, this one is from Thich Nhat Hanh:

Breathing in, I know I am alive

Breathing out, I am home

Strike the match of awareness in the cave of your heart to illuminate what makes you human. The suffering, the edges, the love, the naivety.

And hold all of it with curiosity and compassion.



From my heart to yours...

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