Mindfulness Meditation

Our thoughts determine how we feel, how we react, and therefore how our life choices manifest. Mindfulness Meditation is rooted in the practice of observance and acceptance of self and circumstances. This class is a wonderful starting place for new meditators. Mindfulness is the foundation of all transformation. 

Yoga Rasa

The aim of this dance-like practice is Rasa Sahrdaya; a heart attuned to the full spectrum of embodied experience. The intention of Yoga Rasa is to experience yoga practice like you experience a work of art. Through the lens of curiosity, compassion, and awe. The branches of Yoga Rasa are Embodiment, Meditation, Creativity, and Nourishment. This style of Rasa Yoga is uniquely developed by Morgan Kulas. 


Sound + Dream

In this class you will lie down, comfortably supported by props on the floor, and drift between waking and dream states through guided Yoga Nidra and Shamanic Journey Meditation. The practice is accompanied by instruments, singing bowls, and sound scapes. The best part is, you don't have to do anything. This practice is good for those suffering from ptsd, anxiety, and insomnia. 

Heart Meditation

The heart is the humanitarian, it yearns to connect, communicate, and collaborate. In Heart Meditation we explore the practices of forgiveness, loving kindness, compassion, and gratitude. These classes will support you to focus on the big picture, deepen your relationships, and dismantle unhelpful egoic patterns in the mind. 

Yoga Vigor

This yoga class is for those looking for physical vigor and vitality from their practice and is focused on alignment, anatomy, and posture progressions. Asanas practiced may include backbends, arm balances, inversions, and deep twists. Postures are held for longer periods of time and are supported by both props and teacher. Yoga Vigor is designed to tonify all the layers of your being through focus on the physical.

Yin + Restore

Yin + Restore Yoga is a simple and profound practice which helps to regulate the flow of energy through the chakras and meridians by targeting the fascia and connective tissues. Through long holds in passive postures, practitioners are given the space to release, assimilate, and heal. Massage spheres and hot stones are used to deepen the experience. 

Dance to Awaken

Improvisational Dance is a primal ritual of personal expression. This is a guided creative movement class, similar to movement theories like Nia, Gaga, and Five Rhythms. All levels of ability and experience are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothes and arrive with an open mind and heart. Morgan brings to this practice a lifetime of experience as a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher.

Writing Meditation

There is scientific evidence that the physical act of putting pencil to paper keeps the brain healthy and prevents psychological disorders like dementia. Writing Meditation is good for creatives and those on the brink of life changes and new opportunities. Each class you will be asked to channel your inner teacher through free-writing and potent questions that unlock the answers already within you. 

teaching values

Yoga is a global language of the soul.

Yoga heals through nourishment.


Yoga does not heal through not force, punishment, or persuasion.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Everything is inherently and intimately interconnected.

Health and wholeness are ever-changing.

Yoga is devoted to authenticity and truth.

Yoga follows the cycles of the seasons.

We do not identify with a disease in our tradition - we are focused on ourselves as people, not disease entities. 

Optimum nourishment and simplicity are central to our practice.

The individual is an adaptive organism with inherent wisdom.

The goal is to orient attention towards wholeness and presence. 

weekly classes & events

Teaching Schedule (updated June 2020)


Sundays 9-10:15 am Lunar Flow Yoga @ Anahata in Minturn, CO

Mondays 12-1 pm Lunar Flow Yoga @ Anahata in Minturn, CO

July 25th & August 29th Soulful Saturday Workshops @ The Westin Riverfront Studio Anjali

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