I believe that yoga is one pathway toward personal growth and healing. Wherein the body becomes an ingress into the mystical and subtle interior, and the meditation cushion serves as a container for vital conversations with spirit. 


I specialize in private therapeutic mentorship that supports folks in taking back their health, leaning into their life purpose, and moving through difficult life transitions and transformations.  


My work is rooted in the Vedic traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Zen and is tailored to the unique constitution of each person I have the privilege of sharing the journey with. I also offer group classes, teacher trainings, retreats, and online courses in consciousness studies.

This is a cyber space dedicated to the sharing of meditations, hearticulations, and stories on the human spiritual condition, in faith that they are in service to our togetherness and awakening. Please enjoy.

With Love, 

Morgan Kulas

Morgan Kulas is an artist, teacher, and therapist currently based in Vail, Colorado. Her practice and teachings are grounded in humanology, more specifically the study of the human condition through the lens of yoga. 

Morgan was introduced to yogic studies as a young dancer in art school. She pursued practice as a means to keep her body and mind healthy in the demanding field of professional performance. She has been a devoted student of Yoga and Mindfulness since 2005. She has been teaching since 2011.

Morgan brings to her offerings a lifetime of training in classical and contemporary dance as well as considerable study in yoga, ayurveda, and meditation. When teaching yoga asana, some days she gravitates towards long holds in postures, buoyed up by props. Other days she loves a sweaty flow and the curiosity of her edge. 

Morgan has trained with many master teachers and has well over 2,000 hours of education in contemplative studies. She is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 E-RYT. Her intention is to support students in the blossoming of their true nature through practice rooted in sincere personal inquiry. You can find her teaching weekly classes at Anahata Yoga Co. in Minturn, Colorado. 

"You were a guiding light for my undeveloped yet budding practice and a nurturing influence for my seeking soul and mind. You made me look at myself and helped me have a greater appreciation of who I am. In my time with you I've learned to forgive myself along with others. I've become aware of enjoying 'this moment' and how to savor it without looking to the past or future as being better. Thank you isn't a big enough word for all you've done for me."



Art of Awe

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