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Morgan Kulas is an artist and educator currently based in the Southwestern United States. Her practice and teachings are grounded in a sincere desire to transform suffering into understanding and to heal the body-mind-spirit connection. 

Morgan was introduced to yogic studies as a young dancer in art school. She has been a devoted student of Hatha Yoga, Daoyin Arts, and Zen Buddhism since 2005. She has been teaching since 2011. 

Morgan brings to her offerings a lifetime of training in classical and contemporary dance as well as considerable practice and study in Eastern Arts, Philosophies, and Sciences. When teaching yoga asana, some days she gravitates towards long holds in postures, buoyed up by props. Other days she loves a sweaty flow and the curiosity of her edge. 

Morgan is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 E-RYT and is the founder of Aarunya Yoga School. She is currently receiving her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art and Regenerative Culture at University of Hartford. Her mission is to restore connections between people and the earth through community centered movement and meditation offerings that spark the inner light of awareness. 

"As a teacher, Morgan's offerings are a transmission, reflecting her inner work, that become an accessible and safe entry point for students to explore and experience the intangible and dually to engage in a method of Self-discovery.  Embodying both strength and nurturance, Morgan communicates from a place of skill, depth and presence.  Her passion to serve others is very clear along with her willingness to step into the unknown in order to do so. "

Jeremy Wolf

Aarunya yoga school specializes in revolutionary teacher education in movement and meditation. Our mission is to share useful tools for emotional resilience, creative thinking, and sentient relationship in order to restore bonds between people and the earth.


We welcome students of all ages, abilities, cultural and spiritual backgrounds, and believe in a holistic approach to practice that is rooted in the transformation of suffering into understanding.

Often used as a given name, Aarunya translates from Sanskrit to English as "the dawn". Each day we awaken to possibilities. As practitioners, we are committed to sincerity and metamorphosis. As teachers, we are committed to restoring sacred bonds between people, spirit, and nature. 


Welcome to the Art of Awe APP

Art of Awe is a one of a kind mobile app for folks interested in engaging in a deep conscious discourse with themselves. Each month subscribers receive a meditation kit, movement practices diverse in style, writing and creative meditation prompts, and heart to heart dharma talks.  


From my heart to yours...

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