I believe that yoga is one pathway towards personal freedom. Wherein the body becomes an ingress into the mystical and subtle interior, and the mind a mirror, reflecting back to us what's real and what's not. 


I also believe in magic, and science, and spirit animals, and lunar north nodes, and the healing power of plants, and most importantly sovereignty. 


My work is rooted in the Vedic traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Zen and is tailored to the unique constitution of each person I have the privilege of sharing the journey with. I offer group classes, teacher trainings, retreats, and online courses in yogic and meditative studies and I specialize in private therapeutic practice that supports folks in taking back their health, leaning into their life purpose, and healing grief and trauma.

Aside from sharing about my work, this is an online space dedicated to lessons on consciousness, in faith that they are in service to our togetherness and awakening. 

With Love, 

Morgan Kulas

Art of Awe

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